Training to Become a ViBE Assistant

ViBE Assistant

ViBE work is a good tool for transferring knowledge
… but it needs more!

Our experiences over the last two school years have shown us how KNOWLEDGE OSMOSIS really works.

Training to become a ViBE assistant allows interested parties to gain a comprehensive, theoretical and practical overview of ViBE work and the Schetinin community and teaching concept as experienced by Michael Richard Kandlin at the Schetinin School.

Would you like to learn about the essence of ViBE?


MODULE 1 – The Basics of ViBE

What is ViBE (Visually Building Education)?
Introduction to ViBE as a foundation for “deliberately indeliberate learning”
Creating ViBEs on an abstract topic
→ 15 teaching units* (2 days)


MODULE 2 – ViBE in Practice

Developing and presenting a topic overview on ViBEs on learning areas such as mathematics, biology etc.
Forming relationships - group structure set-up
Establishing and experiencing the different roles within this structure.
→ 15 teaching units* (2 days)


MODULE 3 – ViBE in Practice

Developing and presenting specific learning content on ViBEs
Learning the whole ViBE process - from acceptance to transfer
Group dynamics - forming relationships
The role of the group leader
Introduction to the essence of ViBE
→ 20 teaching units* (2.5 days)


MODULE 4 – The Essence of ViBE

This fourth module is an intense week of 6 days at our school and includes:
Work shadowing at the Weinberg School, ViBE work with students at the Weinberg School.
Emotional development and personality training as integral elements of “deliberately indeliberate learning”.
Creating the atmosphere integral to the learning process
Learning ways to create a relaxed atmosphere as an important component, introduction to Galvanic Touch
Gather experience of knowledge osmosis
Introduction to the 7 phases of the Weinberg philosophy


Costs & Dates

Module 1: € 180,-
8:30 to 17:00

Module 2: € 180,-
8:30 to 17:00

Module 3: € 240,-
8:30 to 17:00 (Friday and Saturday), 8:30 to 14:00 (Sunday)

Module 4: € 511,-
Starts Sunday 14:00, until Friday approx. 16:00

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